Tilt-up Panels Construction Company Perth

With our Tilt-up construction service methods are now widely used across Perth Australia and established as a viable alternative to be considered when planning and developing a new commercial building. Tilt-Up construction combines reasonable cost with low maintenance, durability, speed of construction, and minimal capital investment.

Approaching 21 years of excellence in Tilt-Up Construction Panels

Austpeak Constructions were one of the first commercial companies to start up concrete tilt up panels in Perth. We have been manufacturing Tilt up panels for almost 21 years, and have seen a lot of changes and improvements in the manufacturing of panels since its first beginnings, while always priding ourselves in remaining one of the very best. One of our first and larger projects was the Bellbridge Shopping centre at Beldon – we constructed buildings from 500 m2 to 17,000 m2. This gave us a vast amount of experience in this area, and as a commercial builder, one of the leaders in both design and construction. Compared to brick construction, panels are far cheaper and faster, providing there are not too many openings like residential housing, that is why Panels are ideal for Commercial and industrial applications.

Below gives you a sequence in the manufacture of concrete Tilt-up panels:

  1. Concrete footings poured
  2. Floor Slab is formed, ready for pour
  3. Floor Slab completed
  4. Tilt-Up Panels formed up on existing slab
  5. Tilt-Up Panel reinforced with read in concrete
  6. Tilt-Up Panel concrete pour completed
  7. Erection of Concrete Panels

7. Erection of Concrete Panels

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Tilt-up Step 7. Erection of Concrete Panels

Did you know?

The Cement and Concrete Association of Australia recently reported that architectural design has now developed to the stage where glass, polished stone, metal panels and cast or fabricated ornamentation are utilised in conjunction with the concrete tilt-up panels. There is literally a concrete wall panel solution for every commercial and industrial project.

Why use Concrete Wall Panels?

Concrete walls are:
  • Solid
  • Durable
  • Faster to build
  • Fire resistant
  • Termite resistant
  • Energy savers
  • Will enhance the appearance of any commercial or industrial building